Welding Curtains

Amber & Aztec Red Welding Strips


Amber & Aztec Red Weld Strip Barriers


  • Used for welding screen applications or as a partial sight barrier.
  • Formulated with UV absorber to absorb and protect from hazardous UV rays
  • From 10 deg to 150 deg F

Available in widths from 8" to 48"  - thicknesses from .080" to .120".

Amber Weld Strips are extruded with additives that make the curtains fire retardant/flame resistant. These curtains are ideal in applications that require light or spark control such as in welding applications or high heat environments. Welding Strip Curtains are common in welding booths and cubicles. Al see modular frames which are often used to create the frame work for an enclosure or work cell.  



weldbooth.jpg              weldingcurtain.jpg


  Panamerica Trade also offers welding curtains that are solid ( non strip ) which are also formulated with additives which absorb UV rays and reduce flash. Solid Welding Curtains can be manufactured with a eye level vision window which allows a worker to look into the enclosure. Curtains are typically suspended or bung from a truss system with either threaded rod or chain link. See common track and trolley components...