Cooler Case Curtains

Prevent Premature Food Spoilage and Save on Hydro with Night Blinds !


 Cut Energy Costs by 40%Lower cooling costs by not allowing the display-case air to escape into store isle areas. Shoppers will appreciate the more comfortable (warmer) sales-floor temperatures, while the cooler thermostat is held to normal setting. The perfect green product: lower energy expenses by cutting refrigeration costs.

Cooler display curtains or Cooler Blinds offer many benefits. No longer will shoppers leave the frozen food and cooled sections to avoid the cold air. The cold air will stay in your cooler where it belongs providing greater efficiencies in hydro while still allowing for easy reach thru convenience by shoppers. Display Case curtains are manufactured to specification and are shipped with self-fastening Velcro, which attaches to the display case canopy. Display Case cooler curtains are economical alternatives to glass doors. Materials are completely transparent which allow for clear visibility of shelf product.